01.09.23 — Helena Monthly #1

Welcome to the first episode of the monthly update of Helena Financial, where we’ll be going over the month’s happening regarding Helena Financial to keep you in the loop. Firstly, as NMS Team, we wish everyone a happy and healthy year with many opportunities and fortune waiting for us. Without any further delay, let us delve into the first episode of the Monthly Update on Helena Financial.

12.02.22 — ABCs of DeFi | What is DeFi?

The purpose of this post was to enlighten new crypto enthusiasts about the fundamentals of DeFi and to refresh the minds of crypto veterans. In this post, we covered subjects such as the definition of decentralized finance (DeFi), the benefits of DeFi, the key components of DeFi, and the future of DeFi. There may be more advanced informative articles in the future, but if you need to refresh your memory or discover what DeFi is, this article may be all you need.

12.04.22 Helena Financial Weekly Report #7

Week 7 was driven by the WINGS Rush milestone, the Black Friday Contest rewards, and the ABCs of DeFi piece. We also discussed our intentions for the following weeks as well as $HELENA’s weekly metrics.

12.12.22 Helena Financial Weekly Report #8

$HELENA filter event was announced to celebrate the coming of new year and the people who stood by our side all this time. If you missed the event, you may find the $HELENA filter on our Instagram account @helenafinancial so you can flaunt your WINGS. In addition to the filter event, we discussed our following week plans and the weekly metrics of $HELENA.

12.18.22 — Helena Financial Weekly Report #9

The WINGS Rush Global Achievement was coming along nicely to 100%, but the focus of week 9 was the planned “Loyalty Point Staking” feature. It was only discussed briefly since we planned to write a separate post detailing the feature’s finer points. Additionally, we highlighted some negative news on the ongoing Binance FUD. We also discussed our intentions for the following weeks and $HELENA’s weekly metrics.

12.23.22 — On Profit Sharing Pool | Dev Diaries #5

This was the longest gap between Dev Diary updates ever, as our developers were preoccupied with the Profit Sharing Pool. In this post, our own Arthur Blair explains why we substituted “staking” with “buy energy” in light of their efforts on profit sharing. Moreover, he provided insight into the functionality of this feature. Before the feature becomes online, you should read this article to familiarize yourself with it.

12.25.22 — Helena Financial Weekly Report #10

As the new year approached, Team NMS was in the festive spirit, and we wanted to express this with a warm Christmas message. We also mentioned the Dev Diary, which was issued two days prior to week 10 because it was an important update and we wanted to ensure that as many people as possible received it. Like always, we mentioned our plans for upcoming weeks and the weekly metrics of $HELENA.

01.07.22 — Dev Diaries #6

PSP Change, bug fixes, and minor improvements have been mentioned in our 6th dev diary. A PSP Income calculator has been implemented along with an improved UI. As we are releasing more new features, we decided to make improvements to the side navigation to make it more compact.

WINGS Rush Milestone reached 89%.

  • The “Helena Monthly” series has been initiated, publishing the 1st episode.
  • Helena Filter Contest has been concluded.
  • The current price of Helena is at $0.08 while the mCap is around $505K and the Liquidity was at $421K at the time of writing this article.
  • WINGS price is at $1.68 at the time of writing this article.

The NMS LP Profit Sharing feature is nearly complete, as the WINGS Rush milestone has reached 88% and is climbing. Check out Dev Diary #5 for more information on Profit Sharing, but don’t fret; more articles describing the feature are upcoming.

As for these past 2 weeks, Helena’s new-year exclusive Filter contest has been concluded and winners have been reached from DM. We congratulate all winners and thank all who participated in the contest.

More information will come from the content and marketing side as we keep working on both NMS and Helena Financial sides.

That’s all for now! As a reminder, kindly follow us on our social media to be more informed about Helena and ongoing contests. See you all next time!

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Nemesis Network includes Nemesis PRO and Helena Financial, created by the Nemesis Team. Together, they support each other's success & represent a unified front.

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Nemesis Network

Nemesis Network includes Nemesis PRO and Helena Financial, created by the Nemesis Team. Together, they support each other's success & represent a unified front.