02.17.23 — NMS LP Celebration: Contests & Competitions

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5 min readFeb 17, 2023

As our community finally accomplished the NMS LP minting milestone, our most awaited feature is finally released. Nemesis Team, with the release of this utility, offers a whole new revenue stream for investors and in the meantime, encourages and rewards being active in the ecosystem via the NMS LP rewarding features. With regard to this news, we’ll be holding lots of contests and offering time-limited opportunities for everyone.


Attention all Helena token buyers! We are thrilled to announce that we will be reimbursing the buy tax (13%) on all Helena tokens purchased for more than 0.1 BNB during the event. This means that if you bought 100 Helena tokens, you would have initially received 87 after paying the purchase tax. However, you will then be reimbursed with 13 Helena tokens within three days following the event’s conclusion. This is our way of showing our appreciation for your support and contribution to the Helena ecosystem. Don’t miss this opportunity to participate in the event and be part of this exciting initiative!

Start date: 02/15/23, 20:00 UTC

End date: 02/25/23, 20:00 UTC


Join us for a thrilling game of dice matching, where a contest moderator will roll five dice and then ask you to roll five dice as well. The rewards you receive depend on the number of dice matched with contest moderators’, and everyone who matches at least one dice is eligible to receive a reward. Come participate and see how many dice you can match!

How to Play:

The contest moderator will roll 5 dice at once by using the “Roll” button

Then we’ll ask you, Helenians to roll 5 dice at once as well. The goal of this contest is to roll the most identical numbers as the moderator’s roll, at once. The more identical numbers you land on at once, the more you will be rewarded.

Use the “Roll” button on the #diceroll channel and see how many identical numbers you landed on.

Please note that you can only use the roll button once per Dice Roll contest we hold.

Only your first roll will count if you use it more than once. Kindly refrain from spamming the button as well or you might get punished.


1 identical number in your roll: 5$ in WINGS

2 numbers: 10$ in WINGS

3 numbers: 100$ in WINGS

4 numbers: 200$ in WINGS

5 numbers: 400$ in WINGS

Start date: 02/15/23, at random hours

End date: 02/25/23, at random hours

Be vigilant Helenians and good luck!


The Helena Tournament, a popular and highly anticipated event, is returning for its third iteration in honor of the NMSLP Reward Pool feature release. This is an opportunity for competitors to compete for fame, glory, and rewards. The objective of the tournament is straightforward: participants are challenged to buy the largest quantity of #HELENA tokens within specific time periods. The largest transaction during each round will receive that round’s prize, while the participant with the largest overall purchase across all rounds will be awarded the Grand Prize.

Duration: 10 Days/10 Rounds

Total Prize: 4,000 USD in $HELENA

For every round within the Contest Period, the three wallets that make the largest Helena Token buy amount in a single transaction will be rewarded accordingly:

Prize for Each Round:

1st place: 150 USD

2nd place: 100 USD

3rd place: 50 USD

During the entire contest period, the one wallet that make the largest Helena Token buy amount in a single transaction will be awarded Grand Prize:


1st Place: 1,000 USD

Date and Time:

Round 1: 02/15/23, 20:00 UTC — 02/16/23, 19:59 UTC

Round 2: 02/16/23, 20:00 UTC — 02/17/23, 19:59 UTC

Round 3: 02/17/23, 20:00 UTC — 02/18/23, 19:59 UTC

Round 4: 02/18/23, 20:00 UTC — 02/19/23, 19:59 UTC

Round 5: 02/19/23, 20:00 UTC — 02/20/23, 19:59 UTC

Round 6: 02/20/23, 20:00 UTC — 02/21/23, 19:59 UTC

Round 7: 02/21/23, 20:00 UTC — 02/22/23, 19:59 UTC

Round 8: 02/22/23, 20:00 UTC — 02/23/23, 19:59 UTC

Round 9: 02/23/23, 20:00 UTC — 02/24/23, 19:59 UTC

Round 10: 02/24/23, 20:00 UTC — 02/25/23, 19:59 UTC

! Remember that buys have to be made in a single Txn. Different buys don’t stack up. Good luck!


We are pleased to announce that our regular quizzes will continue! The top three participants will be eligible to receive rewards. The quiz questions will focus on the NMS ecosystem and our community, so make sure to study these topics to improve your chances of winning.

Prize for Each Quiz:

1st place: 50 USD in WINGS

2nd place: 25 USD in WINGS

3rd place: 10 USD in WINGS

Date and time:

Quiz 1: 02/16/23, 18:00 UTC (Discord)

Quiz 2: 02/19/23, 18:00 UTC (Telegram)

Quiz 3: 02/22/23, 18:00 UTC (Discord)


We want to express our thanks to everyone who participated and helped unlock the NMS LP milestone. We humbly encourage you to engage with our community, join our events, and spread the word as much as possible. This greatly helps us reach a wider audience, leading to a better and more successful project.

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