02.19.23 — Helena Financial Weekly Report #13

Greetings Helenians! We are pleased to report that the past week has been marked by exciting developments as we have worked tirelessly on the launch of NMS LP and its aftermath. There was a lot of work to do ranging from the Marketing side, content, and of course the development side. We are delighted to say that the launch was executed with precision and resulted in a seamless utility launch experience for all. With much to discuss, let’s proceed without further ado and delve into the events of the past few weeks.

This Week’s Recap & Reminders

NMS LP & Reward Pool Systems are Out!

We’re excited to announce that Nemesis Network Loyalty Points (NMS LP) have finally been launched! These utility tokens will serve as a crucial link between NMS Network projects and will pave the way for many innovative and beneficial features and utilities to come. Currently, NMS LP tokens are only being used in the NMS LP Reward Pool.

As the name suggests, the Reward Pool system is designed to reward both long-time and active investors of NMS Network without any additional taxes. Rewards are distributed in BUSD, incentivizing both Helena and NMS Network users and strengthening our ecosystem. With this system in place, we believe that our community will become more resilient and able to grow even stronger.

Learn More About NMS LP

We recently published an article that provides a comprehensive explanation of the NMS LP and Reward Pool system. This article lays out the benefits of these features for both you and our ecosystem in a clear and concise manner. To better understand the significance of these features and the future of NMS LP and Helena, we strongly recommend taking the time to read the article.

You can read it here!

Marketing Update

In addition to launching the highly-anticipated NMS LP and reward pool, we have also launched a well-planned marketing campaign to increase our exposure and promote our newest product to the fullest extent possible. Our efforts include banner ads and press releases published on well-respected and popular news sites. Helena currently has released a PR on Yahoo, you can read it here.

Contests & Events

To crown and celebrate these exciting days with you, we decided to host numerous contests and events, where you can earn rewards while having fun with our wonderful community. There’s also an exclusive buy-tax reimbursement event.

You can read our well-informative article about contests here!

That’s all the news for this week! Please do not forget to follow us to inform yourself regarding our recent developments. Have a wonderful week.

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Nemesis Network includes Nemesis PRO and Helena Financial, created by the Nemesis Team. Together, they support each other's success & represent a unified front.

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Nemesis Network

Nemesis Network includes Nemesis PRO and Helena Financial, created by the Nemesis Team. Together, they support each other's success & represent a unified front.