03.02.23 — Updates on Helena & Nemesis | Dev Diaries #7

Dear Helenians and the Nemesis Community,

Finally, it’s time for the Dev Diary, following months of development. It was quite intense in case you haven’t noticed. We wrapped it with multiple releases in just a couple of weeks and took the first step to merge Nemesis and Helena. Our new hub address is https://nemesis.network/ if you want to check it out. Of course with that much news, we have an accordingly long diary, so here’s the TL;DR.


  • Loyalty Reward Pool is released and we’re already past 60%.
  • Added a new progress bar for the ratio of burned loyalty tokens (NMS LP used for buying Energy) to minted loyalty tokens (NMS LP minted on Rush).
  • More compact navigation menu (already mentioned in the previous diary, but released now)
  • Improved UI (already mentioned in the previous diary, but released now)
  • Fixed Success Dialog not opening on the Wrap page
  • We started doing A/B tests on the website and finalised the first one.
  • Miscellaneous styling and functionality changes


  • It’s live!
  • NMSP contract address is “0x14ab462A88e33D026A687f6D99f3af6E0EA73F9B”
  • Dashboard: Many new metrics with the new look.
  • Account: Showing everything you hold, including bonds and locked tokens (to be released). Charts will be improved.
  • Migration: The link every og holder must visit, for migrating your old NMS, sNMS, and wsNMS to NMSP
  • Stake/Wrap/Calculator: Same functionality, better cosmetics
  • Bonds: New USDT bond, and changed LP and BUSD bonds. We will improve user-friendliness
  • Lock Staking: This one is in progress. In short, there will be three lock options with more gains compared to Single Staking.
  • Loyalty Token related pages will also be released later on when we have more & common ways to mint them.

And now to the full version.

l is finally live, hope you’re enjoying your rewards. We had some issues with the contract, but they all led to a much simpler and more stable one. We had extremely complex formulas so we can calculate decay and the corresponding earnings at any point in time (i.e compound time formula). This led to multiple issues, both contract-wise and for the user. It was tough for the users to follow their earnings and their Energy. At every step, we simplified the logic and finally decided on the current method. Since it is working as it should, I hope we can all say it was worth the wait.

We have a new on the Loyalty Reward Pool page, showing “It’s the ratio of burned NMS LP to minted NMS LP. Burned NMS LP is the number of loyalty tokens used to buy Energy. And minted NMS LP is the number of loyalty tokens minted on Wings Rush. It’s currently at 95%. I hope that the owners of that 5% know what they’re doing. I hate any kind of FOMO-causing remarks, but you’re missing out. On a final note, please DO NOT mistake this for the Auction Bonding Progress, which is impressively at 60% already. And let me be the one telling you that our target Energy is 250.000 for unlocking Nemesis Network integration. And yes, %1 decay applies to it too and we’ll use that extra time to your benefit and make it worth it.

is much more compact now. We removed less-used elements, made a better hierarchy, and did minor but effective styling changes. We’ll have much more features to come, so we’ll improve this at every step. Of course, it won’t be fundamental changes that’ll paralyse your flow.

We made many changes to and create consistency on multi-action pages (Multiplier, Loyalty Reward Sharing). We’re showing more metrics right away instead of the data tables below. And the separation between different action components is better, with separators and subtitles.

There was an issue with the . Approve/Wrap/Unwrap button text wasn’t updating when the transaction was complete (It stayed as Approving/Wrapping/Unwrapping). And more importantly, the Success Dialog was not opening. This was a tough one to tackle I’ll admit, and that’s why it wasn’t fixed right away. But it’s all good now.

We also finalised our first A/B test led by our CRO Expert. It was regarding the Buy Helena and Launch V2 Application buttons on the landing page. Buttons were below the title and the description text in the original version, and the variation was keeping them above all. After a couple of weeks, the variation won the test by far. We believe the main reason is that the buttons were sometimes below the fold on mobile. Either way, this is just the beginning of our conversion rate optimization adventure. You might be seeing various changes on the websites and the app, so please don’t be surprised.

A/B test screenshot

Working on big features doesn’t mean we’re letting bugs and suggestions go unnoticed. Here’s a list of what else we did.

  • Added USD balance of Wings on the Multiplier page (Thanks @Grivel for the suggestion)
  • Fixed dialog not being scrollable issue on mobile (Thanks again, @Grivel for reporting the bug)
  • The legend himself, @Scarius designed the new logo for the V2 release months ago. But we were displaying it only in a few places on the app, and it’s on us. Now it’s well-deservedly everywhere. Thanks @the_4th_life for pointing it out.
  • New background for a slicker look
  • Added the Switch to Nemesis button to the header, so it’s easier to access.

That’s all for Helena. While you’re minting loyalty tokens, collecting your rewards and pushing that 60% even more, we’ll be working on the Nemesis Network integration.

And now, to the project that started it all. The locomotive, the crown jewel, the one and only;

All contracts of Nemesis PRO are brand new and they are carefully and thoroughly tested. New token contract address of this PRO era is “0x14ab462A88e33D026A687f6D99f3af6E0EA73F9B”. And the new Nemesis PRO App is forked from Helena, which has been stable for five months already. Now we’re maintaining both projects and keeping them up-to-date with each other. So if there’s a bug on Helena, it’s most likely that it’s on Nemesis too. And we’ll fix them together. Also, don’t be surprised when old links (dapp.helena.financial etc.) redirect you to dapp.nemesis.network.

I don’t want to compare every single detail with the old app, or with Helena. Instead, I’ll take you through the app pages one by one.

: There are quite a lot of new metrics on the dashboard. You can refer to the info tooltips next to the metric titles in every block if you want to get more information. And if it’s not enough (or non-existent), reach out and we’ll explain the metric and update the app as soon as possible.

: Showing token balances didn’t seem enough, so you’ll be able to see your Bonded balance as well as your Locked Balance (which will be released later).

And the charts below would give you a clearer overview of your holdings and projected gains. You’ll see some improvements in this area too because we’ve realised some values look a bit off. And we’re always open to suggestions if you want to see different kinds of charts here.

: This is the most important part for the original holders. We tried to create a simple and informative page so you can migrate your NMS tokens to NMSP without any hassle. You’ll simply Connect your Wallet -> Unwrap All -> Unstake All -> Migrate your tokens.

Functionality-wise, it is pretty much the same. We’re showing more metrics for a better overview, and of course, improved UI all around.

We have a new bond USDT, on top of the previous ones with slight changes (LP and BUSD ). More to be added later on, we’re working on it. The only thing I want to share here is regarding the user-friendliness of the page. We have some minor issues and we believe fixing them will improve your experience. Namely, the ESC button not working for closing the dialog, the bond link on the left side navigation not working when you’re on the bond page, and other things as such. None of those issues is significant or functionality-related, so nothing will prevent you from buying bonds.

This one is in progress. In short, there will be three lock options with more gains compared to Single Staking. You can read the white paper if you’re interested. And I’ll write more about it later on.

Loyalty Token related pages are not on the Nemesis PRO app right now, but they’ll be released soon enough. We will be adding new features and multiple ways to mint NMS LP tokens to the network, and this is one of the reasons why we wanted to focus on Nemesis Network integration. Of course, I’ll keep you up-to-date on the whole process.

This ends the first-ever Nemesis Network diary. Take care, and see you next time.



Nemesis Network includes Nemesis PRO and Helena Financial, created by the Nemesis Team. Together, they support each other's success & represent a unified front.

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Nemesis Network

Nemesis Network includes Nemesis PRO and Helena Financial, created by the Nemesis Team. Together, they support each other's success & represent a unified front.