03.03.23 — Creating A United Front | Integration of Nemesis PRO & Helena Financial

Nemesis Network
2 min readMar 3, 2023

Nemesis Network is excited to announce the integration of two of our esteemed projects under the NMS ecosystem. Our goal is to unite the independent and unrelated audiences of both projects to form a cohesive whole, thereby expanding mutual interests between users and the ecosystem. The integration will allow us to support each other’s monetary policies and treasuries with a tighter pact between the projects, enabling them to progress and strengthen together in a common direction.


The integration will bring several benefits to the NMS ecosystem. For one, it will aid and expedite decision-making and implementation in different areas such as development, management, and marketing. It will also help us to expand the reach of successful features, therefore increasing the value we provide to our consumers.

In addition to these benefits, we aim to ensure that the integration is seamless and that new participants can adapt quickly to the Nemesis ecosystem. To achieve this, we will provide extensive resources, tutorials, and support to help new participants navigate the integration and take full advantage of the opportunities available within the ecosystem.


The Loyalty Rewards program and Nemesis Network Loyalty Points (NMS LP) represent the initial phase of our strategic plan and served as a trailblazer in the integration of two separate projects. NMS LP was designed as a bridge token between Helena and Nemesis and made its debut with the introduction of the Reward Pool system, which will be the first of many features of the Nemesis Ecosystem that combine the strengths of both projects.

In order to promote the integration and introduce Nemesis users to Helena, we decided to airdrop NMS LP tokens to long-time Nemesis users. This initiative will not only allow us to expand the reach of features but also help us to create a more cohesive and rewarding ecosystem for our users.

Moving forward, we plan to incorporate NMS LP reward pool into many new features, starting with Time-Lock Staking. By using NMS LP in these new features, we will give our community even more opportunities to be rewarded for their loyalty and engagement in the NMS ecosystem. We remain committed to our vision of innovation and progress, and look forward to introducing more initiatives in the future that will enhance the value we provide to our community.


The integration of these two projects symbolizes our commitment to innovation and progress. We believe that by bringing together two independent projects under the NMS ecosystem, we can create a stronger and more unified ecosystem that will benefit all users.



Nemesis Network

Nemesis Network includes Nemesis PRO and Helena Financial, created by the Nemesis Team. Together, they support each other's success & represent a unified front.