05.10.23 — Updates on Helena & Nemesis | Dev Diaries #8

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2 min readMay 10, 2023

Hello everyone,

​It has been two months​ since Loyalty Reward Pool was released and we are happy to see it was well-received. If it wasn’t for the decay, we would have already surpassed 250.000 NMS LP Energy. And as promised, we used that additional “decay-time” to your benefit and worked on making the new features as flawless as possible. Here’s a list of what we did since the last diary, and what’s on the horizon.


Loyalty Reward Pool reached 99%. But of course, we’ll consider it 100%.

Loyalty Reward Pool calculator tool had a bug, and thanks Nuba84 for pointing it out. This is fixed on the Nemesis app, and will be fixed on the Helena app with the next release.


Time-Lock Staking is live!

​Bond prices are ​​updated every thirty seconds.

New contract deployed for 90-day Moving Average​.

New values on the dashboard and updated treasury​ stats.

Even more accurate POL rate with the improved calculation.

​Calculator removed from ​the ​sidebar for simplicity. You can reach it via Stake page.


- Auction Bonding is on its second round of testing. The smart contract is working perfectly, but we want to improve the UI further. This is our first-ever interactive feature and we want you to experience it at its best.

I know I didn’t write that much about Time-Lock Staking, as I believe it’s quite self-explanatory. But in short, we have a straightforward contract and an easy-to-use app page (please tell me if otherwise). Of course, you were only able to experience half of it, “the locking”. We’ll talk more next month, but it’ll be as easy as locking but with added benefits.

Finally, I want to tell you that we received your complaints on mobile following Metamask’s update. Our priority was to make sure our app features were on time, so we weren’t able to get our hands on it. But it’s my main focus starting now.

I’ll write about Auction Bonding in the next diary. So, see you after the release!




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