05.23.23 — Helena Adopts Reflection Mechanism

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4 min readMay 23, 2023

Helena Financial has undergone a complete overhaul and has been redesigned to address the evolving market and address the shortcomings we identified. Building upon the features introduced in the V2 update, we have discontinued the “Rebase” model and adopted entirely new and unique GameFi methods and a “Reflection” system to incentivize our users. Our goal is to bring a new breath to the ecosystem and establish an ever-growing platform for all DeFi users.

Reflection Over Rebase

With the new contract, Helena is bringing exciting changes to our token ecosystem. The auto-rebase mechanism is replaced by an auto-reflection mechanism, where token holders receive a percentage of the transaction tax whenever the token is sold. The buy tax is completely removed as well, making it 0% for both purchases and transfers. The sell tax will remain at 19%, but the distribution will be adjusted to allocate 5% for reflection to holders, 5% for the treasury, 5% for marketing, and 4% for liquidity. Additionally, the new contract will allow for adjustable taxation, granting the community the ability to modify tax rates in the future. These changes aim to create a more rewarding and adaptable platform for our users, aimed to create a thriving DeFi community.

Competition & GamiFi

As mentioned earlier, Helena has been transformed into a GameFi platform where users can earn rewards while enjoying engaging GamiFi features. Our objective is to create a sense of friendly competition among our users while simultaneously invigorating, expanding our existing community, and reaching a broader audience. Additionally, these GameFi features will support Helena’s ambition to become a burn-oriented token by creating an active market scenario for Helena.

Burn Oriented

Helena Financial strategically implements a burn-oriented tokenomic model to effectively combat inflation caused by reward distribution in our GameFi features. This approach ensures that Helena transcends its initial game theory concept and evolves into a thriving investment platform with sustained growth.

Cross-Platform / Nemesis & Helena Integration

Nemesis Network is in the process of integrating two of our esteemed projects, Helena and Nemesis Pro under the NMS ecosystem. This integration is driven by the goal of bringing together the independent and disparate user bases of both projects, creating a cohesive whole that fosters shared interests between users and the ecosystem. Through this integration, we aim to enable the growth and expansion of successful features, ultimately delivering enhanced value to our users and extending our influence in the market. With careful attention to detail, each new feature will be thoughtfully designed to enrich and elevate the overall Nemesis ecosystem.

Through the adoption of an auto-reflection mechanism in place of an auto-rebase mechanism, the implementation of this new contract will fortify Helena’s burn-oriented strategy. This strategic shift positions Helena as a dynamic GameFi platform, providing users with captivating experiences and lucrative earning prospects.

By removing the buy tax, we encourage more users to participate, thereby increasing the user base that can profit from our project, and the influx of new users brings added value and the potential for exponential growth. Meanwhile, our new auto-reflection mechanism incentivizes users to hold on to their tokens, as each token sold will bring rewards to our holders through the sell tax.

In addition, by bolstering the both fronts of Nemesis & Helena, the integration of both projects under the NMS ecosystem aims to unite independent audiences and amplify the value delivered to users. Through this integration, we strive to create a cohesive and thriving ecosystem by expanding successful features and fostering shared interests.

Together, these developments position Helena and the Nemesis Network as a dynamic and rewarding investment platform within the DeFi and GameFi space, offering a comprehensive range of benefits to our community.

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