05.26.23 — HELENA2 Events Are Live!

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4 min readMay 26, 2023


Hello there, everyone! We are thrilled to share some exciting news with you. Our vibrant community is buzzing with anticipation as we gear up for a series of thrilling contests. Get ready for the Helena Arena Tournament because it’s coming back for the whole duration of the event. Each day will be a new round, and each round will only have three winners.

The goal of the arena is to make the biggest single transaction buy during the specified timeframe. The top 3 wallets that make the biggest transactions in each round will be rewarded accordingly. Additionally, a grand prize awaits the wallet that achieves the greatest purchase throughout the event.

That’s not all! For those who love a touch of chance, our Coin Flip and Dice Game contest will keep you on the edge of your seat. Sharpen your knowledge for the classic Helena Quizzes, and flex your creativity in our highly entertaining Meme contest. Our amazing community wheel is about to spin for the first time, offering a chance to win fantastic prizes. Get ready for a whole new level of excitement and possibilities. Stay tuned for more updates, and let the festivities begin!


One of our most rewarding event is on and we’re doubling the round prizes this time! The rules are simple, all you have to do is try to buy the largest amount of tokens during certain time periods. Whilst the largest transaction in a specific round wins that round’s prize, the biggest purchase of all rounds will receive the GRAND PRIZE.

Duration: 10 Days/10 Rounds

Total Prize: 6,000 USD in $HELENA2

For every round within the Contest Period, the three wallets that make the largest Helena Token buy amount in a single transaction will be rewarded accordingly:


1st place: 300 USD

2nd place: 150 USD

3rd place: 50 USD

During the entire contest period, the one wallet that make the largest Helena Token buy amount in a single transaction will be awarded Grand Prize:


1st place: 1,000 USD

Helena Quiz

The Legendary Helena quizzes are coming back to reward our most informed users every 2 days at 16:00 UTC! Study Helena protocol’s details to be prepared and turn on your notifications to not miss your chance.

The rules are, as always;

  • There’ll be 3 options to choose from with only one right answer and you’ll be given 15 seconds to answer each question.
  • The faster you answer in the time given, the more points you’ll get.
  • There are 10 questions for each quiz.

1st place prize for each quiz:

$25 in HELENA2

Coin Flip

Our event moderator will choose the winning side each round before any participant flips a coin. When the round starts, use the “/coinflip” command to flip a coin. If your coin does not land on the winning side you won’t be allowed to flip in the next round. Lastly, there is no limit on rounds, a game will go on until there is only one winner left.

The winner of each round will get: $10 in $HELENA2 (2 rounds)

Meme Contest (r/helenafinancial)

Let’s add some fun to the menu, we’ll be holding a Meme Contest in honor of Helena’s rise and our community. Those who came up with the funniest and smartest meme of all will earn rewards for their creativity!

According to whoever’s meme gets the highest upvotes, they shall win the $50 amount of reward as ($Helena2)

Community Wheel

Another unique and fun event will be held for our beloved community. During Community Wheel time, Discord and give a reaction to the event message. The names of everyone who reacted to the message will be put to the wheel and the lucky winner o’ fortune will receive rewards as stated below!

$5 in HELENA2 for each round (5 rounds)


We’re changing it up a bit for the dice roll game. Highest roll wins now and we’re going to play it for 5 rounds on every dice roll event day at 20:00 UTC.

How to play:

You’ll be able to roll a dice using the “Roll” button. Highest number will win each round and every round will last for a minute before the next one begins.

Use the “Roll” button on the #diceroll channel and see if you can hit the highest number.

$5 in HELENA2 for each round (5 rounds)

Please note that you can only use the roll button once per Dice Roll contest we hold.

Only your first roll will count if you use it more than once. Kindly refrain from spamming the button as well or you might get punished.

Helena will pave its way through DeFi with rigorous marketing and by keeping on releasing innovative features. Don’t miss these events and a chance to become a part of the Nemesis Network family!

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