06.03.23 — Auctions & Improvements| Dev Diaries #9

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3 min readJun 3, 2023

Hello everyone,

Well, a lot has happened in these past couple of weeks. We spoiled Helena a bit and will continue to do so with Helena Spin on the way. But it doesn’t mean Nemesis was left out. We applied certain fixes and improvements and got it ready for the new and exciting features. I’ll go through everything we did for Helana and Nemesis, and talk about Auction(s) a bit.

Here’s a summary of what we did for Helena:

- As promised, Auction Bonding was released and was quickly followed by its evil twin, Reverse Auction Bonding.

- We did quite some changes to the sidebar. We are considering collapsible menu items because we have too many features for a simple sidebar to handle.

- As if those weren’t enough, we also squeezed in a little migration there. As you can imagine, consequently, we have fewer metrics on the Dashboard, we removed the Calculator page, simplified the Account page, and deployed a new Rush contract.

- Since we have fewer metrics on the Dashboard, we decided to use this space for more exciting stuff. If you haven’t checked already, now we have a new block for simultaneously following both auctions.

- As you remember, WINGS was the entry token for Rush. With the new contract, you’ll have to use HELENA V2. Entry fees are higher but so are the winning prizes. And now, the Bronze option also gives bonus NMS LP.

- We updated the Helena website for aligning with all these developments

Here’s what we changed on both apps:

- The issue caused by the MetaMask update was fixed. Now you can continue to enjoy the app without connection issues

- We have a Medium page now, displaying all our articles.

- General fixes and improvements on the Loyalty Reward Pool page

- Header improvements

Finally, here are some notes for both Auctions:

- Your winnings from the previous round will be distributed automatically when the next round starts. So you don’t have to do anything but wait for the next round. You’re more than welcome to start it yourself, of course.

- When you’re pushed out of the top bidders leaderboard, you’ll receive 90% of your bidding back. You don’t have to do anything here either.

- Regarding front-running bots, if a bid is made, other bids in the following blocks don’t go through. However, if a bid is done in the same block with higher gas, then there’s a chance it’ll go through.

- The leaderboard is updated every 10 seconds

That wraps up the diary. So, while you’re overbidding each other, I will work mainly on Helena Spin. The target is to reach 500,000 Energy, and yes, we are aware of the decay and we’ll use that extra “decay time” for your benefit.

Enjoy the new features, and see you next time.




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