11.26.22 — Readying the Loyalty Points Staking | Dev Diaries #4

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2 min readNov 26, 2022

Hello Helenians, I’ll take just a little bit of your time. Wouldn’t want to keep you off too long from the Black Friday Contests.

While you have been enjoying Wings Rush, we’re getting Loyalty Token Staking ready for you. The contracts as well as the app page itself are almost done, and we’ll start testing soon enough.

But it has been a while since the last diary, so this is not all we’ve been working on. In the meanwhile, we kept making improvements and fixing quite some issues on the app.

A summary of what we did:

  • Added new metrics to the Rush page
  • Changed the progress bar on the Multiplier page to Total Global Multiplier Game Power, showing the percentage before buying power and compounding are locked.
  • Did initial changes for NMS LP for tracking your tokens (balance on the account page and the option for adding it to your wallet)
  • Fixed header menu disappearing issue
  • Made data tables more compact on mobile pages
  • Added tutorials to Rush, Multiplier, Wrap, and Buy pages
  • Various others (e.g Compound Button overflowing on mobile, Sample Calculator Button being too narrow, and other minor stuff)

We also implemented a leaderboard for minted NMS LP tokens, which was quite straightforward to do. But it will be more complicated once Staking is unlocked, and we are still trying to find the best way to combine all this info neatly on a single leaderboard. You can check out the leaderboard on the Dashboard for the moment, and we’ll create a separate page for it soon enough under the LP menu.

Wish you the best until next time.



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