12.24.23–2023 Recap & Jolly Season’s Tidings

Nemesis Network
1 min readDec 24, 2023

Greetings everyone!

We’re nearing the end of another year, and another chapter of a story ends while we are proud of accomplishing all of our promises. Let’s turn back and look at all the accomplishments we’ve made together, and the time we spent together as a family.

Here are all the new features brought by our Dev team, updates, and all other accomplishments made throughout 2023.

- Nemesis Pro Migration & Updates

- Helena V2 Migration

- NMSLP System and Loyalty Rewards

- NMSP & Helena Auction Bonding

- Nemesis & Helena Integration

- Reverse Auction Bonding

- 2x Auctions

- Time Locking Staking

- Helena Reflection Mechanism

- Helena Blessings

- Creating Nemesis Network Hub, Improvements Webpages & dApps

- A Wide Range Variety Of Events Throughout 2023

The past year has been remarkable, and we are deeply grateful for everyone who has supported us from the beginning of our journey to the present. We are proud to deliver our roadmap completely as promised. Your unwavering support has been instrumental in our success. Thanks again and we all wish you a merry Christmas & a jolly good new year!



Nemesis Network

Nemesis Network includes Nemesis PRO and Helena Financial, created by the Nemesis Team. Together, they support each other's success & represent a unified front.