07.01.22 — AMA Session Hosted by Chinese Whale Capital

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12 min readJun 30, 2022

On the 1st of July, we held an AMA with Chinese Whale Capital in which we answered questions from the crypto community about us. During the AMA, many interesting community questions have been answered. For those who missed our live AMA, we’ve prepared this text for you to see what questions have been asked and how they were answered.

Question 1. Could you introduce Helena Financial to the community?

Answer: Helena Financial is simply a passive income protocol, a Titano-fork, created and managed by the Nemesis Network team. We are a well-known team with a strong community Providing multiple rewarding mechanisms with unique, first in space features while focusing and aiming on being the most deflationary passive income platform in the DEFI space, coming up with solid solutions for common inflation problems, causing long term sustainability and price stability.

We have 40+ team members now, continuously getting bigger and more experienced day by day. Giving value to transparency, strong community management, and strong treasury income while trying to maintain a safe investment place where anyone can come and enjoy passive income anytime they want, aiming to live forever as long as crypto is active globally. ~ (ARWAND MADISON)

Question 2. Can you tell us more about how Helena Financial works? How does Helena Financial make a profit?

Answer: Okay, simply from an investment perspective, I will divide this into 3 parts.

We have 2 tokens called HELENA and WINGS. Both are utility tokens, usable on platform features. They are also semi-government tokens, which we can call daily interest rates, which means passive income earning rates are decided and managed by our investors. As a result, our investors choose their earning rates by holding HELENA or WINGS tokens and voting with their share strengths.

To summarize how it works, simply:

1-Buying HELENA

2- Wrapping to WINGS

3-Use HELENA and WINGS on every feature the platform provides to maximize individual earnings and also protocol earnings at the same time.

This is the simplest summary for a new investor of our protocol.

How is profit created?

This model is called the “Protocol Owned Liquidity” model in general.

On our Helena protocol, we call this the Trust Fund; others call it by other names, but simply, our treasury income source is taxation on buy and sell, but this is insufficient for sustainability, so we have unique features as well, creating fee revenues for the Treasury, which is a must to bring new income for the Treasury for future burn performance and exposure related opportunities to touch.

Done. Let me explain more about this in the next few questions. ~ (ARWAND MADISON)

Question 3. What makes Helena Financial unique and different from other crypto projects?

Answer: Helena’s feature-rich structure makes her unique among many competitors. Current and upcoming utilities help maintain its deflationary nature while giving out high rewards as well.

1-DAO governed APY lets investors take a decision on the daily interest rate considering the market conditions and provides a right to intervene in order to protect their investments and the protocol.

2–38% of the total supply of Helena is burned. Helena’s weekly burns and the burns that will come with the upcoming features will help Helena with the inflation rate, so the inflation rate is much slower than our competitors. Helena’s current index is just 4.11, and there is a huge room to grow in the future.

3-How we will keep this inflation rate low and keep the price stable, even if it rises:

One of our key differences is that we aim to keep buyback/burns bigger than inflation. This is the main idea of the upcoming features, of which you can see a sneak peek below:

Token allocation — 38% burned (in dead wallet)

Auto-burns of 1% buy and 1% sell

Manual Burns from the Trust Fund — 2%

Baked WINGS — 10% (upcoming feature)

WINGS Multiplier — 10% (upcoming feature)

Auction Bonding — 7.5% (upcoming feature)

Reverse Auction Bonding — 7.5% (upcoming feature)

NFT Box Openings: 3% of the revenue from every box purchased (to be announced)

NFT marketplace — 3% of all trades (to be announced)

Clubhouse Prediction Game — 3% of every 5-minute round (to be announced)

Clubhouse Lotteries — 3% of every prize pool (to be announced)


This gives huge maneuverability ability for the protocol as it controls inflation effects as well. When good burn performance happens for that particular month, our holders are able to vote to revise their daily APY and increase their daily earnings. Also, if burn performance is low, they can readjust and get lower rebases, which will result in BURNS > REBASES, leading to less supply circulating and price pressure upward.

I just wanted to add this for newcomers: our current inflation effect is lowest compared to the big three projects: Titano (original inventor), Libero, and Safuu, and the closest is already at double inflation, but is this enough? No.

Our supply growth is also the slowest among them as well. That’s where Helena shines.

Each feature creates a new rewarding option for new investors while decreasing HELENA’s supply by buybacks and burns. Some features are round-based; 15-minute rounds, 60-minute rounds, 5 minute prediction games, even staking pool structures are all focused on being more deflationary than our main competitors. ~ (ARWAND MADISON)

1-DAO Governed Earning Rates (high maneuverability in every case and you manage it by your votes)

2-We have the lowest inflation among the top 3 competitors, so we have a huge room to grow.

3-HELENA’s circulating supply will grow at the slowest rate compared to others.

Josh Connor explained each feature’s burn rate above. These are also to let us have a sustainable income for the treasury for long term sustainability and capacity for the team and protocol :). ~ (ARWAND MADISON)

Question 4. When will Staking officially launch? Can you give us more specific details?

Answer: Helena officially launched on the 9th of April and staking was launched with the project. Investors are able to stake their Helena tokens into the protocol and benefit from the passive increase in their token amounts. In addition, the team is working on new features to encourage staking and reward investors by locking their tokens on the protocol. While saying “locking” their tokens, staking is not a permanent lock, and the investors can unstake and liquidate their tokens anytime they want.


Question 5. Can you tell us more about the Helena Financial roadmap?

Answer: Regarding the roadmap, we had a 45-day growth phase period and completed all the roadmap targets stated at launch in 30–35 days.

We saw that the budget spent was not producing the desired results after the market crashed, so we decided to focus on protocol improvement and development until the market recovered before launching the new marketing campaign.

With this in mind, we have been working on a big overhaul on our website and dashboard for a more user-friendly experience and also much more rich content on the website for new visitors, which was necessary after analyzing website analytics.

So I am happy to officially confirm that the new website and dashboard are in the final stages, and I believe that in 1–2 weeks after the testing stage, the new gamified community effort feature unlocking games will be released, and the new gamified community effort feature unlocking games will begin, regardless of whether the market remains down or not.

Regarding the road map, with the new website, our community will see the new available 12-month road plan on the website as well. ~ (ARWAND MADISON)


Question 1. To increase the value of tokens, it is necessary to use certain mechanisms. Everyone calls them differently: buyback, burning of tokens, and some projects even call them “black holes”! So, what mechanisms do you use for increasing the value of your token? Can you tell us about them?

Answer: This is especially important — maybe the most important one. What is the problem with these projects? It’s very important to highlight this. The problems are long-term price stability and sustainable treasury income sources. The only way to solve the inflation problem is first to control the supply growth policy, which is the HELENA supply growth rate. This is literally managed by our investors.

The second thing investors should focus on is how current inflation is compared to others. Thanks to carefully created tokenomics at the beginning and unique features that burn HELENA on each feature, backing this up. Our inflation rate is lower compared to the top 3 and will be lower in the future as well, as we stated this solution in our previous AMA sessions. We are coming up with better deflationary solutions compared to theirs. Otherwise, Helena could not achieve its target. We have to provide more deflationary solutions than others.

And anyone can go and check and see that the below deflationary features are greater by number but also create much more effective burn performance in the long run.

Well-designed tokenomics/Token allocation — 38% burned (in dead wallet)

Auto-burns of 1% buy and 1% sell

Manual Burns from the Trust Fund — 2%

Baked WINGS — 10% (upcoming feature)

WINGS Multiplier — 10% (upcoming feature)

Auction Bonding — 7.5% (upcoming feature)

Reverse Auction Bonding — 7.5% (upcoming feature)

NFT Box Openings: 3% of the revenue from every box purchased (to be announced)

NFT marketplace — 3% of all trades (to be announced)

Clubhouse Prediction Game — 3% of every 5-minute round (to be announced)

Clubhouse Lotteries — 3% of every prize pool (to be announced)

More details will be available with the website release.

Effective Burn Performance = Higher price stability = Happy Investors = Successful Protocol (ARWAND MADISON)

Question 2. Game, NFT and DeFi is not a short-term but long-term trend due to its application in reality. Among tons of game projects, what are your most special, unique features that make you feel confident about your project?

Answer: Yes, everything we say is planned for the long-term and our goal is to provide long-term returns to users while keeping the protocol healthy. We are constantly working on innovative ideas like the one below.

The most unique and highlighted gamified features are Auction Bonding and Reverse Auction Bonding (these are first in DEFI space features that no other platform has) where the investors will compete with each other continuously and engage with the community. But this is not only competitive, it is also collaborative as the features will be unlocked by total community effort. NFT box openings and NFT trades will generate income for the treasury while offering a chance for big gains for investors. Clubhouse round-based games and prediction games are, likewise, both competitive and collaborative at the same time, as well as constantly providing more burning fuel for the protocol. ~(JOSH CONNOR)

MAIN GOAL: BURN > REBASE with Multiple Treasury Boosting Mechanics that also creates new Rewarding options for investors, every one of our use cases are designed with this mentality. ~ (ARWAND MADISON)

Question 3. How do you think a game can last for a long time in this market? What kind of options does the #HelenaFinancial platform offer to the players in the game mechanisms? For example, can we play your game with our friends, organize events among ourselves, and challenge them?

Answer: About crypto games, they could be useful if they could be used as a catalyst for the ecosystem. To make it clear, we are talking about multiple minigames and clubhouse games, not a single game. Investors will be able to organize and play together, and even challenge for the leaderboards. These games will create new sources of income for investors, support the Trust Fund and strengthen the protocol. Games will also help our deflationary policy by burning tokens and will have a positive impact on the Helena price. ~ (VASMUSSEN)

Question 4. I saw that many projects were unstable for a brief period of time. At first, they started with hard work and good attention, but a few months later, they didn’t pay attention to their projects, and it ended there. How does @HelenaFinancial plan to survive in the market?

Answer: First of all, no team should leave the project after a few months. This is a great question because most of the DeFi projects die within a few months after the hype is gone. Those projects are built on marketing based on hype. They can’t overcome sell pressure and inflation that are created by reflects and rewards over time. We are aiming to build an ecosystem that provides revenue streams and utilities to overcome these issues.

All the above-mentioned features are planned to be released in 2022, which will be the first steps toward our journey to long-term sustainability and growth. Honesty is the way to go, and we always try to stay in touch with our community as much as possible. We were 3 core-7 side workers when Nemesis was launched. Now we are over 40+ members, all getting more experience day by day. As a team, we now have much more capacity compared to our first project 9 months ago. So HELENA will be here for years as long as crypto is active and we are welcoming all new friends to the family. A new website and dashboard will be released in 1–2 weeks. Once climb is started on the general market, HELENA will be ready and be primed for the next campaign. ~(ARWAND MADISON)

Question 5. Most of the questions people had during the AMA asked about the strengths of the project. So, can we talk about your difficulties and challenges? What difficulties did you face in developing your project and how did you overcome them?

Answer: The launch period, which we call the Genesis Period, was the first 45 days of the launch and put us into a race against time. This stress stems from our following an aggressive marketing strategy that aims to attract investors via a high APY rate. We’ve won this race against time within only 3 weeks earlier than planned, and to our success, we brought Helena to a 10 million market cap milestone.

Of course, we know that high APY comes with a high inflation rate, but Helena was ready for it from the start. Tokens that weren’t sold on presale were sent to a dead wallet before the launch of 37% of all our supply. This not only gave Helena room to grow, but it also gave us an advantage in our fight against inflation. With our reserves accumulated in our trust fund, we’ve made manual buybacks that benefit both our holders and our battle against inflation. Furthermore, a part of the revenues gathered from our upcoming utilities will constantly be bought back and burned, making Helena much stronger and more stable against inflation.

Another obstacle is a common problem on DeFi, which is trust. Being an anonymous team has drawbacks, such as a lack of trust in investors. We are trying our best to overcome this issue by working closely with security companies such as Certik and Solidity, and we’ve also been audited by these companies, and we’ve been KYC’d by Assure Defi. With the multi-signature method, we’ve secured our contract addresses. Just as we didn’t mint tokens (there is no developer minting code/function), we also didn’t allocate a token share for the team. For more than 6 months, as the Nemesis Network team, we’ve been 100% transparent to our investors.

And obviously, the down trend in the market is maybe the biggest challenge at the moment, drawing us back. Our liquidity pair is based on BNB, and as you know, the BNB price has plummeted along with many other blue chips and BTC during this downtrend. Also, this caused a general fear, so investors were not eager to get in or stay in crypto. However, we believe that there can be good in bad situations. It is not likely for us to be sad and stop trying in these conditions. During this period, we found time to focus and finalize our improvements and developments, which will help us stand up even stronger than before. ~ (JOSH CONNOR)


Question 1. Do you have any AUDIT certificates or are you working to AUDIT your project so that the security of the project becomes more secure and reliable?

Answer: Audits by Certik and Solidity Finance

Helena Financial Certik → https://www.certik.com/projects/helena-financial\

Helena Financial Solidity Fin. → https://solidity.finance/audits/HelenaFinancial/

Nemesis Certik → https://www.certik.com/projects/nemesis-dao

KYC by Assure Defi

Helena Financial KYC Badge → https://www.assuredefi.io/projects/helena-financial/


Question 2. Does Helena Financial have any telegram groups, YouTube channels, Tiktok channels, or websites? Please share with us the link.

Answer: Of course, you can find our socials/groups and more below:

Website: https://helena.financial/

Whitepaper: https://helena-financial.gitbook.io/helena-financial-whitepaper/

KYC’d by Assure: https://www.assuredefi.io/projects/helena-financial/

Medium page: https://helenafinancial.medium.com/

Telegram: https://t.me/helenafinancial

Discord: https://discord.gg/ht2N3vrdv9

Twitter: https://twitter.com/HelenaFinancial

TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/@helenafinancial

Facebook: https://fb.com/HelenaFinancial

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/helenafinancial/

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCvk9u2LYTrd3CqzDTCZhTYg/

Linktree: https://linktr.ee/helenafinancial

Buy on Bogged(Auto tax): https://app.bogged.finance/bsc/swap?tokenIn=BNB&tokenOut=0xE350b08079f9523B24029B838184f177baF961Ff

Buy on PancakeSwap: https://pancakeswap.finance/swap?outputCurrency=0xe350b08079f9523b24029b838184f177baf961ff


Question 3. How do you differentiate Helena Financial from other blockchain projects that focus on scalable solutions? Especially the Ethereum Network, with the upgrade to ETH 2.0, what can help them scale the network in a significant way?

Answer: ETH 2.0 is coming as well. It will be available on the roadmap too. We have spoken about this with the DEV team, but first the community effort gamified feature releases will be coming. Then, with more progress on the ETH 2.0 release, we will be providing our preparations in parallel with opportunities and regulations coming for DEFI projects.


Question 4. Can you list 1–3 standout features of this project that set it apart from the competition? What is the competitive advantage your project has that you feel most confident about?

Answer: In short, we can list them below like this:

1-DAO governed APY — adaptive and provides maneuvering capabilities depending on the market/protocol situation.

2-Slowest supply growth. The inflation effect is the lowest among our competitors.

3-The most deflationary features and utilities in terms of number and effectiveness, where all maintain long-term stability.



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