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17 min readApr 27, 2022

On the 27th of April, we held an AMA with SatoshiStreetBets in which we answered the questions of the crypto community about us. During the AMA, many interesting community questions have been answered. For those who have missed our live AMA, we’ve prepared this text for you to see what questions had been asked and how they were answered.

1. What has been done since the launch until today and what are the next marketing steps?

Answer: Helena was launched on 9 April and almost 2 weeks have passed already, and I believe we have made amazing progress so far with our community. Our first month plan at launch was to install all marketing steps at first, these including influencer portfolio creation, platform collaborations and their 1month deals etc.

We knew that most effective exposure is executing all campaigns at the same time for maximum exposure, with this in mind, we created a first 1-month roadmap for initial growth phase, and then once all roadmap steps are achieved, next level of exposure steps would follow up.
With this in mind, we announced our first marketing update a couple of hours after the launch and stated below steps to be completed in 1 month. Also, 1month roadmap steps were placed on the website as well for following.

On Development and Listing Side
Successfully collected +2200 BNB and launched our token
Got our AssureDefi KYC Certificate
Received Solidity Finance Audit
Started Auditing Process with CertiK (received initial report)
Introduced Wrapped Helena (WINGS)
Listed on CMC
We are now working on:
2 kinds of different bonding mechanisms
WINGS gamified staking pool (under Helena Club House)

All three utility-based updates will be released within 1 month.

We are incredibly happy as the marketing team that we managed to complete the initial marketing steps 1–2 weeks earlier than planned.
— Dextools & BSCScan & Poocoin Banner Ads Campaign.
— 40+ Youtube solid influencers will review Helena Financial for a 1-month period, as always will try to collaborate with 1–2 Tier-1 Top Ranking Profiles.
— 20+ Twitter solid influencers
— AMA Sessions in SatoshiStreetBets and TheHouseofObsidian
— BitcoinTalk & Altcointalk & Reddit forum/subforum threads and exposure there.
— BSCNews, BSCDaily
— Cointelegraph collaboration

Our Genesis Period was 45 Days, we completed 95% of our Roadmap Tasks in 15 Days after the launch.

As the first month roadmap steps are achieved, we released a 2nd Marketing update announcement, which we wanted to share our ultimate target to reach 100k holders and stated the next steps as well.

As marketing team, our aim was to execute marketing steps in parallel with $100M mCAP goal, and our plan here was to execute 1M USD buyback program and back up this with unique contests, first in space unique treasury boosting utilities, maintain burning level to control/balance the inflation effect, and power these steps with double marketing budget, double exposure. We believe if all these things worked together, we would start the upcycle growth, which will help maintaining a strong marketing budget for the next level marketing.

So now, almost all roadmap steps are achieved, now the next roadmap will be released, and marketing update #2 showing what’s coming next in terms of exposure

As you may have noticed, only 2 tasks remain open on the Genesis Roadmap.
We are in talks with Dappdotcom and Coingecko at the moment.
Dappdotcom confirmed that they will be listing us soon.
Coingecko just replied to our appeal for late listing today, they asked for further value proposition and we will prepare a report and submit them in 12 hours.

Consequently, we believe that we will get listed on CG within a couple of days because all our metrics are healthy and promising.

Upcoming Exposure Plan

👉 Ongoing Campaign Budgets are all Doubled!

👉 Dappradar com & Dapp com

👉 Promoted Official Ads on Twitter & Reddit

👉 Even Higher Tier Youtube and Twitter Influencer Reviews

👉 AMA Session #1 SatoshiStreetBets

👉 AMA Session #2 The Obsidian Council

👉 Safemoon Swap Application

👉 Outdoor Advertising in Capital Cities

👉 Times Square Digital Screens & Billboards

👉 And Many More Top-Tier Exposure Steps

Next 4 weeks will be focusing on AMA sessions with respectable platforms, while executing first installed steps with double budget, double exposure mentality all together with full force power.
The list of names above will be expanded throughout this journey as we are constantly looking for new platforms and audiences to create exposure.

2. What is the use case of Helena?

A: I would like to answer these separating utilities with “current utilities” and “upcoming utilities” that will differentiate us from our competitors.

Current Utilities

  • Total Security Approach → KYC by AssureDeFi, AUDIT by CertiK and Solidity Finance, No Minting Code & No Team Tokens, 100% of the LP Locked for 1 Year.
  • Buy/Sell Tax Revenues → Boosting Treasury Revenues on every trade, Boosting Liquidity stronger for protocol’s long term price floor, boosting deflation by weekly burns, boosting marketing budget.
  • DAO Governed Adjustable APY → The APY will be adjusted during the first 45 days after launch according to the Genesis Period (45 Days) as stated in the table below.
  • Auto Liquidity Engine → Every 24 hours our Auto-Liquidity Engine will inject automatic liquidity into the market. A 4% tax is levied on each buy or sell order and is automatically stored in an Auto-LP wallet. Additionally, built into our protocol’s smart contract is a mechanism that intelligently takes 50% of the amount of $HELENA stored in the wallet to buy BUSD at the current market price automatically. The remaining 50% of $HELENA in the Auto-LP wallet will be used for the token side of liquidity, giving an equal 50/50 ratio of HELENA/BUSD, which will then be automatically added as new, additional liquidity into the market pair, raising the amount of liquidity in the pool.
  • Weekly Burns (Impulsive Burning Hole) → 37% Burned at Launch + 1% of all $HELENA trades for that particular week are gathered and total amount is burned every week.
  • Simplified User Experience — -> Autostaking and Autocompounding in-wallet, enjoy staking experience just by holding $HELENA inside your wallet.
  • The Hellenic Treasury → 4% to 10% of all trading fees are stored in The Hellenic Treasury, which helps sustain staking rewards by maintaining price stability and significantly reducing downside risk, and “buys back and burns” $HELENA from the liquidity pair.

Upcoming Utilities

  • Auction Bonding → Fast-paced game with exceptionally low offer fees boosting Treasury
  • Random Golden Epochs → Incentivize investors to keep holding and boosting rewards randomly.
  • NFT Zone → All revenues from random NFT box openings and an NFT staking with BUSD payouts revenues, boosting Treasury income, leading to long-term sustainability.
  • Club House Games → All revenues from dice game, wheel of fortune, bingo, lottery tickets etc. will boost Treasury income as well, leading to long-term sustainability.

3(a). Do you think Helena project will not face the same fate of Nemesis DAO which has fallen from $6500 to $11?
(b)What would be different with current Nemesis DAO vs the upcoming upgraded version, if you can share 1 detail without giving everything away?
© Can you share an important lesson that you learned from Nemesis DAO that made you take a different approach or direction with Helena Financial?

The primary driver behind the DeFi 2.0 rush was its high APY that attracted crypto enthusiasts and investors en-masse. However, it later became apparent that sustaining a stable price floor was virtually impossible, indicating that the proclaimed APYs were magnified and largely optimistic estimates.

While high-reward, epoch-based staking mechanisms proved unavailing, the second option for minting new tokens on the protocol, i.e., bonding, solved a vital problem for DeFi protocols. Instead of using the liquidity from a DEX, protocols were now able to own their liquidity and stack up various stable coins in their treasuries for further treasury innovations. Unfortunately, many projects
exploited this either directly by rugging the funds or indirectly by transferring them out of the blockchain for fictional investment purposes.

Theoretical backing prices also caused a massive loss of trust in DAO projects. Since there was no automatic buyback process, almost all of the other projects traded below their backing price at some point. This issue also challenged the positive impact of the bonding mechanism. Justifiably, why would one mint new tokens if not for stronger LP or maintaining the actual backing price?

Full Text on our 2022 Roadmap: https://nemesisdao.medium.com/nemesis-network-2022-roadmap-together-we-build-the-future-1bcd2aa02dd8


Written under our Helena Moon-Play Experiment

Full Text: https://helenafinancial.medium.com/the-moon-play-experiment-8f98a56f6709

Five essential steps to Win:

I) Building and investing in Collective Culture

II) Maintaining the Winning Chart Formation

III) Continuous Progressive and Innovative Marketing Approaches.

IV) Accurate Fund Allocation (The 1,000,000 USD Genesis Buyback)

V) Progressive Development and Content Creation: Providing utility-based developments, innovative updates, and extra features. As well as, delivering new and engaging content is also essential to keep the community occupied with platform offerings. Creating value-generating conditions, such as contests, competitions, and other events, to help the collective culture grow further and boost the protocol’s overall health in the long run.

4. Are you working on any real-world usage of Helena and any plan of making supply deflationary?

A: Inflation is the main issue of all DEFI 2.0, protocol owned liquidity model platforms and we also experienced this issue on Nemesis DAO as well, so creating demand for token while executing burning in large scale is only way to create counter pressure the price floor, and we are coming with unique, first in space features that will both boost treasury, while creating stronger price floor.

Our Plan — Making Supply of $Helena Deflationary →

“Auction Bonding” — Fast-paced, exceptionally low fees — Boosting Treasury

“NFT Zone” — Boosting Treasury More

“Club House” — Boosting Treasury Even More

Auction Bonding + NFT Revenues + Club zone game revenues are needed for more treasury income, which in return will provide less pressure on taxes, more rewarding variations for random golden epochs, and once all these will be mixed with marketing, active weekly burns by controlling the supply around the deflationary area and put the pressure on the price upwards consistently which will be the backbone of a stable future price floor. This is the supply monetary policy Helena will proceed with and how APYs can be sustainable in the long term without increasing taxes from current levels.

5. Are you planning any CEX listings?

A: Yes, Helena will be listed on CEXs, and we are already in contact with reputable CEXs and they are looking forward to working with us.
But we want to do this at the right time. Our first target is BSC on-chain swaps such as Safemoon swap then we will focus on CEX listings.
Keep in mind that we will be listing as WINGS tokens to increase our reach on CEXs.

6. A strong community not only brings interesting ideas to the project, but also attracts larger partners. So how does the Creator plan to build his community? And are there any plans to recruit people with Blockchain experience to the Creator team?

A: Our community has been built over the last 6 months. That is why we keep expanding the Nemesis Network. Our community is the building pillar for the successes we have achieved so far. That is why on our 5-step action plan the most important part is “Building the Collective Culture”.

7. How will you fight against the holders going to the other Helena forks?

A: You need to have a strong community, unique features that will differentiate you, provide more rewarding variations, be sustainable and stable on the price floor.

How we approach these core needs and how $Helena is a stronger candidate among its competitors →

I- Experienced, known trusted team on BSC

II- Good Brand Image on Marketing and having Strong Community — Values the right and trustable identity image — values to collab with respected & reputable names, such as Certik, Assure, BSCScan, Poocoin, Dextools, Dappradar, Dapp, etc.

III- Competitive APY and unique Genesis Period designed for robust growth phase of 1–2 months

IV- Compared to other Platforms, we have the Best Tokenomics and Best Token Distribution Balance among holders (by FAR!)

V- Strong Tax Structure Design + Strong Liquidity + Strong Treasury + Strong Exposure focused, our core strength

VI- Tax cannot sustain competitive APY levels, recently Titano increased the sell tax to 25%. We are coming with 3 core features that will boost treasury revenues, “Auction Bonding” — FIRST IN SPACE Fast-paced game with exceptionally low offer fees boosting Treasury, “NFT Zone” — Strong Treasury, “Club House” — Stronger Treasury, all will create extra revenues for treasury that will sustain competitive APY and support more rewarding variations that can be developed and so on.

VII- Golden Epochs — UNIQUE — incentivized holding by providing huge random boosts

VIII- Weekly Burns + Manual Treasury buyback and burns

IX- Very enthusiastic, dynamic 30+ team member, learning, and pushing to be better

In short, our liq/mcap rate may be the strongest among our competitors at the moment, so price floor is very stable and getting ready for bigger scale buy orders day by day thanks to extraordinarily strong tokenomics and auto liq engine balance and tax distribution structure is our core strengths and how $Helena is better candidate among others so the future is very bright I can say Thank you.

8. Do you have any plans to integrate the Helena token in the future, in other networks like Solana, Avax, Ftm?

A: Yes, we will offer cross-chain products very soon. Either complete protocols on different chains or bridged assets for expanding our reach further with ease.

9. Can I buy your tokens right now and which wallet supports your token?

A: Almost all of the wallets that are compatible with BSC support our token. If the wallet can open PCS or Bogged, you can buy it.
Since there is no extra step needed to stake your tokens. You will start receiving your compound rewards to your wallet after you buy them.

10. I have seen a lot of new projects in the crypto space & also saw a lot of new names too, but your project name is something different “HELENA” Can you please tell me the reason for choosing this name? Is there an interesting story behind this name?

A: It comes from Helen of Troy.

11. Do you think Helena project will not face the same fate of Nemesis DOA which has fallen from 6500$ to 11$?

A: We are more experienced today, we were 7+3 total 10-member team while on Nemesis and the issue there was the high inflation, where all main top projects faced this issue as well, even original inventor Olympus and Wonderland too got affected majorly from this, but we are coming with a solution for this with Nemesis Pro update coming on May. As we are more experienced now, we will take measures before the inflation gets in to affect, one example you can see we took measures against inflation is that we designed the Genesis Period as growth phase of 45days, rewarding holders around 3x if they hold from day 1 to day 45 but index is only around 2x-2.5x on 46th day, then DAO Governed APY rates will continue from there. With upcoming features starts boosting Treasury, buyback and burns will start pressuring the price floor upwards. On Nemesis case, the index was 4–5 times higher when comparing the period after launch. Thanks.

12. When you wrap Helena it becomes another coin. Is there any scope to work on this further to increase the benefits for investors?

A: Yes “WINGS” will be mostly used on our upcoming utility-based updates as “Staking/Collateral Token” or “Reward Token”.

13. As we know all altcoins depend on Bitcoin. I mean if BTC goes down, most of the altcoins dump. So, my question is how will you handle this problem and what are your future plans to get your coin strong?

A: We won’t hide behind external factors during downtrends. Yes, they are of course a big deciding factor for the price as our LP pair is in BNB/Helena however it is just one of the factors. As you can see our price is rising despite the “global trend” at the moment:

For the rest of your question, I have already addressed it here under “Five Essential Steps to Win”:

14. How would an ordinary member of your community help best with the growth of this project?

A: Bigger family = more holders = more exposure automatically, that’s why we are aiming to reach 100k holders as soon as possible.

The conversion rate is especially important and in order to reach this, there should be quality of materials created such as educational or marketing materials, positive atmosphere on both telegram and discord, and healthy-looking chart is needed. Max support on these is the best support.

Additionally, if they also give active support, likes, comments on each video released, explaining the facts, answering questions of new audiences at that comment section, shilling our compact shill post, inviting new friends, newcomers from their network etc. All these are highly effective on growth rate as well.

When looking back, our family was amazing until today and will be our core strength for the future as well. With so much excitement and happiness, I can’t wait to see the further achievements we will break together!!

15. How many team members do you have? Do they have enough experience in the blockchain field? Do they have any experience of working in crypto and non-crypto projects?

A: Right now, we have 29 full time team members and it’s growing day by day. You can triple that number if you include outsourced tasks. Our developer team has 5+ years of experience in blockchain development. We all had daily jobs before launching Nemesis in different industries and benefit from those experiences as well.

16. Is it confirmed if there will be a video of Jesse Eckel talking about Helena?

A: Not yet confirmed, we applied like 10–11 days ago, and the process takes a bit time they said. In the first 1–2 weeks, the application is reviewed, then they vote if the project will be accepted for review or not. Yesterday we received another update, and it was on the voting stage, so soon we will hear the news. We would love to work with Jessie as he is a very respected and reputable profiler, so hopefully they will provide us with the chance to show $Helena and explain the project to their audience, fingers crossed.

17. Will there be more buyback programs in the future?

A: Yes, we will because we believe the best way to allocate treasury funds is by doing constant buybacks and/or buyback & burn programs.

18. Have you thought about hiring someone to speak on behalf of the team, for example at the AMA? (With a real voice) I think that would give even more strength to the project.

A: We have been looking for someone in native language to handle this side, but then again thought Drex, lead dev, must attend there for technical questions. Exposure and outreach questions can be answered and managed by hired person, but in the end, if an answerable question couldn’t be answered due to me, Drex, vasmussen not being there would still lead to inefficient session. But
next time, maybe on Jessie, I can join voice AMA as well, let’s see how it goes until then.

19. What happens if the bear market starts? Will the apr / APY decrease? Or will it remain stable? And what is your plan to handle panic sells?

A: APY will be decided by the community with DAO proposals after Genesis Period ends in 28 days. We do not expect dramatic dumps or pumps during such changes because we have a trade tax, and our community is experienced in this kind of protocol. Also, 2 days ago our APY went down from 1M to 500k, and our growth continued in holder count wise as well as in all the other metrics.

20. How does the whale incentive work?

A: Whale incentive program is a contest we have been using to boost the growth rate and benefit the aim of 100k holder target. Normally yesterday it was the ending date, but now we have extended our special discount to welcome new friends from SatoshiStreetBets until 28th 00.00 UTC, its special promotion for a limited time only, also our designer created a poster as well, sharing now too.

It’s a great entrance opportunity for both newcomer friends and also for existing ones, thanks.

21.Do you have AUDIT certificate because AUDIT is important for any project, and secondly, do you have a whitepaper? If yes, please share it with us.

A: Helena has an audit and whitepaper that you can both find on our website
Certik audit is also underway
And before you ask, we have Assure KYC as well

22. How active are mods on each social platform, are we able to gain information quickly if need be. Visibility is particularly important, especially to new investors.

A: Yes, not only the mods but also our community members are more than ready to welcome all newcomers and their questions.

23. How can users stay updated and join your project? Are there any channels with the local Community where users can get the latest upcoming updates?

1. YouTube Channel?
2. Tutorial Videos?
3. Twitter, Medium?
4. Website, Discord?
5. Others?

A: We recommend following our Discord Channel in the first place. It is where we get organized together with our community. Then we of course sync all of our SM channels with the updates, but Discord, Telegram and Twitter should definitely be the first pick when it comes to receiving information faster.

24. Trust is very important in this business. What makes investors, customers and users feel safe while working with your project?

A: Full transparency is the key factor for that. No matter how many audits or KYC you have, if the team has secret agenda they will succeed. We shared both our achievements and mistakes with our investors since Nemesis and I suppose our long-term investors would agree to that.

25. “Collaborations” & “partnerships” are some of the most important cornerstones to help improve adoption, so can you tell us about your current partners, plans for partnerships, and what everybody stands to gain from these partnerships?

A: As the first initial exposure installment is about to be completed, Dappradar and Dapp will be coming very soon, so all these will work at the same time and create the max exposure with double budget, double visibility mentality. Meanwhile we will continue doing AMA sessions with respectable platforms like Satoshi, ObsidianCouncil etc. We are planning 1x Defi Partnership and 1x CrossChainProject to start with. To be honest, I am not very experienced on this partnership area, so we are in touch with our community members for support, suggestion, planning to create and reward the best suggestion coming up with unique partnership formation, structure idea to improve the options. But in short, currently we are in the research stage of candidates and plan forming and the structure. In the next AMA sessions, I can give more updates from latest news regarding partnership. Thank you.

26. How do you plan to conduct the vote for community chosen APY? When will the voting start? How long do you plan to keep it once it is chosen?

A: The governance module will arrive within 10 days. The proposal regarding the APY change will be made after 20th of May.

27. A contest to grant discounts on sales fees according to the length of time the holder has kept #HELENA in their wallet. Do you believe it would be possible?

A: Yes, that can be possible and would be highly effective, we also focused on this as well and created unique contests, one of them is also active, not whale incentive but Sniper contest. Once you join our Discord, you may select the Event section to learn more details. It’s incredibly unique for Helena only and worked so well. Please check if you haven’t already :)



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