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Helena Financial proudly presents Helena V2, bringing unbeatable new opportunities and features for both investors and the ecosystem.

Since initial launch, our team has consistently improved itself without compromising on the quality of our product — we intend to stay true to this mentality. V2’s release is a monumental milestone for us. We believe it will mark the start of a new era for Helena and everybody involved. It has also motivated an in-depth review of our current state, helping us prioritize key areas of improvement, as described below.


One of our team’s main priorities in taking Helena to the next level was identifying our weak spots through countless brainstorming sessions. One aspect that frequently came up during these sessions was the low conversion rate of our website.

“We checked all the data we have through website analytics & visitor click tracking. We saw that while we had no problem pulling potential investors to our website, we were lacking in conversion and convincing potential investors. So we decided that the website must be more interesting, informative, and convincing, especially for non-DeFi & non-crypto investors. DeFi investors are still a small portion of all crypto investors. People tend to invest in what they understand or at least have an idea of. We are aiming to explain how easy it is to get your own wallet and start investing in DeFi; also, informing everyone more clearly about our features and how everyone can benefit from them,” says Josh Connor, Marketing Manager.

Accordingly, our website’s new layout emphasizes not only design but also function. On the one hand, we have made it far easier for potential investors to find the information they need to understand the Helena project. On the other, the new website is much more responsive, professional, and user-friendly, enabling access from any device, anywhere. We are confident these changes will substantially enhance its conversion rate and attract even more investors to Helena.


Supporting the full breadth of Helena’s upcoming features requires a new dApp that belongs to us entirely. Thanks to our developers’ tireless efforts, Helena now has an excellent foundation for us to offer innovative and complex ideas to our supporters.


We know that a successful project engages with its community and values feedback. Helena is wholeheartedly committed to being in sync with you & ensuring transparency. To do so, we will be providing regular updates and additional Medium content to keep you abreast of our progress. We want you to be involved in every step of the Helena project, so please don’t hesitate to reach out with your questions, comments, and suggestions. We look forward to hearing from you!


Inflation is an issue that should concern all rebase projects. For this reason, we are implementing new features that are designed to support Helena’s deflation. Chiefly, the synergy between Clubhouse, NFT Zone, and WINGS Multiplier creates a new and powerful revenue stream for Helena. It will be used to fight inflation and further solidify our already-strong deflationary nature. Additionally, Clubhouse’s future utilities and features will substantially contribute to Helena’s intrinsic value.

Our Chief Marketing Officer Arwand Madison explained this approach as:
“We believe the new upgrades will play a great role in our rebirth, creating excitement for our existing investors and newcomers. Every feature will increasingly support burning while carrying value upward and creating new rewarding options for the investors, which will help the growth of our user base. Our aim with the new features is to make the ultimate goal of a continuous winning chart possible by making the “burn > yields” mentality a reality,”


The crown jewels of this major update are the new utilities and features. These features are aiming to attract a larger investor base by providing a more diverse set of investment tools with shorter & longer investment periods depending on the investor’s portfolio plans and risk appetite.

WINGS Multiplier

Staking WINGS in the Multiplier allows one to receive the maximum APY possible from this project. Although WINGS Multiplier is fundamentally comparable to compounding protocols, it brings new and unique innovations designed to safeguard the long-term investor. It’s currently live and we’ve already reached the 48% milestone goal at the launch!

Clubhouse Games

The Clubhouse will bring real value and a revenue stream to Helena with upcoming incentive games, for example, Wings Rush. These games will reward playing with loyalty points that can be used for liquidity farming in the Loyalty Pool. Wings Rush will be the first to be introduced.

Any other upcoming planned games will be announced under the title of Clubhouse. Stay tuned and keep your eyes on Whitepaper and our Medium page for any further news.

Angel NFT Zone

You will be able to buy NFT loot boxes with different rarities to get unique NFTs crafted only for Helena. These NFTs can be staked to gain rewards depending on their rarities. All NFTs have the same durability points but different stake powers depending on their rarity levels. Staked NFTs lose their durabilities each epoch.

Auction Bonds

Helena Financial is proud to be the first to present the Auction Bonds concept to the crypto space.

Welcome to the Auction bonding! Here, you’ll be bidding with BUSD tokens to try and win WINGS as a reward. The duration of the auction will be extended by 30 minutes each time a new high bid is made. When the countdown reaches zero, the top three bidders will win the auction. Good luck!

Reverse Auction Bonding

Basically the same principle as auction bonding but this time, users will compete to earn BUSD rewards, and bidding is done with either WINGS, Loyalty Point Tokens, or partner tokens such as NMS.

Golden Epochs

Randomly and consecutively, Golden Epochs will start appearing after the Helena V2’s release. During Golden Epochs, your rebase will be boosted by at least 10% and up to 1000%.

Global Achievements

We thought bringing all these features at once may not be the wisest for several reasons. First of all, releasing them progressively means using the time efficiently. The release order of features is thought carefully regarding their aspects and what they are designed for or how they are intended to work. For example, Wings Multiplier is designed to increase the total value locked (TVL), which is important to create reliability among long-term investors. Higher TVL leads to fewer token sales, strengthening the price stability as well as reliability of the protocol in the long run, including better yields. Other features, likewise, are designed and put in an order according to such calculations which will be explained later.

Consequently, we will be bringing them through global achievements one by one, when the requirements are met by conditions through community effort where the dev team wants to inform that some are already in the beta test stage. With every community achievement, a new utility or feature will be introduced to bring more value, and more opportunities, hence we will maximize the value they bring.


It’s certain that we are currently in a bear market and it’s our obligation to adapt to such conditions. Therefore, we decided to start a vote to change the APY rate. Ultimately, the final say was up to the DAO, and your votes resulted in favor of 1,000%. This way, we will have more sustainability along with the recently presented multi-layered compounding opportunity.

You can read Drex’s announcement regarding the vote from HERE.


We’re happy to finally present you with Helena V2! We’ve made incredible progress since our previous version and can’t wait to show you what we’ve been working on.

Helena V2 offers many improvements over the previous version, including new features and a more user-friendly interface. We believe this will make Helena an even more attractive investment opportunity and encourage you to consider investing in this promising project.

Our expert team has ceaselessly worked for months to bring you the best possible product, and we’re supremely confident in Helena V2’s success.

We’re so excited to see what the future holds for us. We are confident that with our incredible community, we’ll be able to achieve even more!

Cheers to continued growth and success!

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