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5 min readApr 16, 2022

We are now moving on to the most thrilling phase of our journey yet.

Together, we will perpetually try to increase the protocol value to over 8-figures, with the vision of becoming a sector-leading DeFi Protocol while offering every user a thoroughly satisfying experience.

Before moving forward, we would like to express our deep gratitude for having such an engaged and supportive community.

“The Moon-Play Experiment” could only be envisaged and executed with such epic company.

The community and team will need to follow five essential steps during The Moon-Play Experiment. If you are ready, let’s get started with the first one.

1 Collective Culture: The collective behavior of the community will be the most important factor during our Moon-Play. If most of the community embraces a mindset directed toward platform growth instead of personal gains, that community segment, by becoming a part of this collective culture, will achieve the most.
The team will also provide constant backup to the community by consistently maintaining supportive regulations and incentives. Adapting new members to this collective culture will be the main challenge that the community will encounter. Therefore, new members should be welcomed and supported delicately.

2The Winning Chart: After Collective Culture, the most critical aspect of our Moon-Play will be sustaining the Winning Chart Formation. The chart must be appealing and encouraging for investors so that the platform’s marketing efforts can convert at maximum efficiency. This can only be done by adopting Moon-Play Theory together with the team and community.

Maintaining the Winning Chart:

  • Hold and Support: This is how any platform can grow further. If the majority holds, an uptrend and mutual growth can be achieved.
  • Don’t Panic Sell: Self-seekers may dump most of their holdings to maximize personal gains, which may turn the price trend downwards.
    In such case:
    The community should ease and relieve panicking investors to prevent a further downtrend.
    The team should bring in new investors by either advertising or presenting new developments. Additionally, the team can always use its buyback reserves to recover and reverse the price trend to an upward trajectory.
  • Trim Earnings, Don’t Dump: If the 1H-2H-4H-1D candles on the price chart show growth, users can trim their compound earnings. Doing this instead of dumping the tokens at once will greatly increase the platform’s longevity and provide a much better overall payout to investors in the long run.

3Progressive Marketing: This part solely depends on the team’s capabilities, and fortunately, Team Nemesis is one of the best marketing teams you can find on BSC, with over 30 experienced team members. Driving new investors to the platform must be continuously maintained by progressive and innovative marketing approaches. This will always provide the necessary fuel for switching from a dying chart to a winning one. However, the community can also support the marketing side by sharing promotional content with others to compound our exposure.

4Accurate Fund Allocation: We learned from our previous projects that the collected funds should be correctly allocated from the very beginning. Else, it gets challenging to fix things at a later point. First, the collected funds should mostly be used for either the platform’s needs or buying back and/or burning tokens from the market pair. Moving the funds out of the chain for any reason, such as investing in traditional financial instruments, will be either a loss to be recorded from the beginning, or it might be done with other hidden motivations. It’s impossible for any traditional investment instrument to back the blockchain’s side earnings because of massive reward payouts. However, crypto investments could be used for generating extra value out of the platform’s current holdings. Still, it will be very risky.

5Progressive Development and Content Creation: Providing utility-based developments, innovative updates, and extra features are a great way to drive new investors and reward old-timers because they will be the ones who collect or compound their earnings most compared to others. Delivering new and engaging content is also essential to keep the community occupied with platform offerings. The team should organize new types of value-generating conditions, such as contests, competitions, and other events, to help the collective culture grow further and boost the protocol’s overall health in the long run.


So the very first step that the community and we came up with was to deploy the “Automated Buyback System,” which will be funded by the Nemesis treasury during the first couple of months. Then, the Helena Trust Fund will slowly reimburse Nemesis Treasury as the platform grows. The DAO proposal regarding the buyback program has passed on Nemesis DAO. According to the plan, the smart buyback mechanism will start buying HELENA tokens from the BNB/HELENA pair starting tomorrow every 3 minutes.

All of the funds will be allocated for upcoming 30 days, with adjustable allocation mechanics. The acquired tokens will be stored in The Nemesis Multi-Sig treasury as collateral. We believe that the smart-buyback system will be a massive catalyst for maintaining the “Winning Chart.” It will constantly reassure the community during the Moon Play.

WINGS is an index-adjusted wrapper for HELENA. Unlike your HELENA balance, your WINGS balance will not increase over time. When WINGS is unwrapped, you receive HELENA based on the latest (ever-increasing) index, so the total yield will be the same in either case if you hold HELENA or WINGS tokens in your wallet.

Initially, WINGS was planned to be distributed with Dutch Auctions under the “Auction Bonding” system. However, we are now considering adding extra staking or farming features before the bonding mechanism arrives. Helena Club House may also develop an hourglass type of in-house game or token lockers with a specific lock period to take the traditional compounding to the next level: double-layer compounding with multiplying rewards.

Our team has prepared different types of competitions for the upcoming weeks. At least five competitions will be held each week. At the same time, up to 100,000 USD worth of rewards will be distributed to the participants, again, weekly.

The events will be announced randomly at non-specific times over our Discord and Telegram channels, except for those requiring user preparation. Please, keep an eye on our social media channels throughout the day to not miss out on any contests.

I am not going to dive deep into this, but Arwand and the team will thoroughly dominate all the targeted advertisement channels in a short time. The team is hard at work, setting their tools in order according to the planned schedule.

Finally, thank you for being part of this great community. Get on board, if you haven’t already, and while it’s still very early…

- dREX (Lead Dev)



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